Monday, August 27, 2007

Hen night - t'was alright!

Hen night turned out to be loadsa fun!! Had a great laugh with Grainne, and sent her on her merry way with a final fun night out with the girls!! Full photos are on the beeeb page.

The only downside was the nightclub....what a kip!! And bunch of knackers outside pushing girls around...but how and ever, my ire had just begun! The poxy taxi driver who brought us in and out wanted €20 per head for the trip. €140 for a 36km round-trip!

I, of course, told him that I'd be happy to give him the money, if he'd give me a receipt and his license number so that I could contact the Taxi Regulator on Monday and check on his pricing. He, of course, conveniently couldn't give me a receipt, but said he'd post one out. HA! Then he got really mad at me for 'accusing him of overpricing' (which I was) and wouldn't take any money off me! Ah well - not my problem if his quilty conscience is eating him up inside...and I got to keep his thieving hands off MY moolah!

So I checked the taxi regulator website this morning, and the return journey (which would be the most expensive, as it's a late pick-up) should have been €32.50, and the journey out couldn't have been more than €30. That means that the entire trip should have cost a maximum of €65!

What a bastard!!

So I'm filling in my complaint form now for the Taxi Regulator. Scammer, eh?!? Thinking he could take advantage because (1) we're a bunch of drunk girls who don't know a €20 from a €5 note (he didn't reckon on the fact that no matter how drunk I am, I'm poor enough to REMEMBER how little's in my wallet, and how hard I worked for that measly sum), and, (2) we live in the country, so he's the only bloody taxi guy around and we have to pay whatever he asks, because we've no other option but to use him??!!

Not on my watch, baby!!!

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