Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Another Zombie nightmare...

Why am I so afraid of Zombies?

They freak me out so much, I even give them a capital 'Z' when talking about them! It just terrifies me, the thought that it could really happen.

And I know what you're gonna say - that it could never happen...but that's what they all say, until the re-animated corpse of your next-door-neighbour sinks his putrid teeth into your neck and starts to chew.

I have the same recurring nightmare - I wake up, and everything seems kinda normal, I go about a few of my normal morning tasks, when out of the corner of my eye I see something unusual. This is where the nightmare can vary....sometimes it's a slow moving shuffle Zombie (like from the original Dawn of the Dead), and sometimes it's a speak-freak bastard (like from 28 Days Later). And then it's just all-out panic, as I try to get to my family, and escape from the oncoming surge of Zombie hordes sweeping across the fields/streets (depending on where I am in the dream).

BUT - I always wake up before anything happens to me. What does this mean?

What does any of it mean?

Is it a completely irrational fear? It doesn't FEEL like a stupid fear (even though I know it must be). I am genuinely afraid of Zombies.

Genuinely afraid! And I had another dream about them last night, which means that all day today I feel like a dark cloud is over me - because I'll spend the whole day worrying about Zombies.

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