Monday, October 04, 2004

Hanging on in quiet desperation!

Ok, I really feel like quitting right now! This big giant conference is a big giant pain in the ass – I mean, work should be work, and life should be life, and never the twain shall meet. But look at me (DON’T LOOK AT ME!!) – I’m a nervous wreck trying to sort this bloody thing out. Me…MEEEE caring about deadlines!!

Something is very wrong with the world, let me tell you!! But I did have a deadly weekend/Saturday-night-&-Sunday with my gorgeous boyfriend Alan…so I guess there are compensations.

But here comes a spanner in the works – the next conference I’ve to organise (taking place on the Friday 5th and Saturday 6th of November) coincides with my sisters 21st ON THE FRIDAY! I’ll just have to quit, or get her to move the day – whichever is easiest!! I cannot miss this night – and work is NOT a good enough excuse to miss anything!

I shall prevail (or end up crying for a long, long, long time……).

Mommy and Daddy got back from Scotland yesterday and brought me crystals – Bloodstone for decision-making, Druids Stone for destiny and Amethyst for spiritual well being. With a second name like Peace, you’d think I’d be prepared for having Hippy parents. Seemingly not – but at least they bought me a giant Toblerone too (sucks to you, Billy Connolly – they don’t attack my mouth!)!!

Thanks Momma and Poppa – I hope the crystals work!!

P.S. LOOK AT ME – Still in work at 5.20, and not due to leave until 8. That’s a 12 hour day, people!!

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