Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Epilogue for Hoffman...?

Again, I am in work. Caring less and less about it all, because Bex can’t (won’t) change the date of her 21st, so therefore I will indeed be working the Friday and Saturday of her party. Of course, fingers crossed, I will have my car by then, so maybe it is do-able…maybe, maybe, maybe!

Ok, since I’m so busy in work, there won’t be another blog for a while! However, just to keep you informed of my movie life, last weekend I bought and watched;

The Deer Hunter (which I give 9/10)
Millers Crossing (6/10)
Glengarry Glen Ross (8/10)

……and rented The Last Samurai. Which I give a very very very very VERY generous 2/10. Do not watch this movie, people!

So, a good weekend was had, movie-wise! It’s always good to watch something crap in between classics – that way you can really appreciate the awesome power of Robert de Niro, Al Pacino, Jack Lemmon, et al. By the way, what is UP with ‘Empire’ these past two years??? How unbelievably crap has that magazine become (rhetorical question – you don’t have to answer!)?!!? Yesterday all my feelings for the tosh were justified by seeing their ‘top five living actors’ list in all its ignominy – from the top; Al Pacino (certainly no arguments), Marlon Brando (quibble slightly, but really would be ok with his inclusion – apart from the obvious lack-of-life thing…but that hadn’t happened at time of print, and now it is a glorious epitaph!), Jack Nicholson (agree wholeheartedly), Paul Newman (hell and no – this is what galls me!!) and Robert de Niro (apart from the odd slump – including pretty much everything he has done in the past seven years – he still amazes, but mainly through his earlier work). But here is the rub – where for art thou Dustin Hoffman???? Why, pray tell, was he not included?! The man is an absolute legend, and I cannot fathom why he would be knocked out by the likes of PAUL NEWMAN! My God, the man may make good dressing and without doubt can act, but please, people!!

Am I alone in thinking this??


Conor said...

Hmm. Empire lost its critical faculty a long time ago. I think that it has to do with keeping the studios sweet, being able to get exclusives blah blah etc.

Marlon Brando was well dead by the time Empire went to press, old issue maybe? There is no way that Dustin Hoffman should replace Paul Newman in any list, except maybe for his brillant turn in Outbreak.

And finally, the Last Samurai was excellent.

Ciaran said...

I hope Conor is your retarded antagonistic cousin or something cos his opinions are horse manure if taken at face value i think. The top 5 could've been alot worse granted with your Hoffman argument even though i've never been a fan (although he and De Niro were fantastic together in Wag The Dog i thought 'a blip on an otherwise downward trajectory' for them both as Simon 'Sick Boy' Williamson aspires in his all encompassing life theory) but i'd say people like Gene Hackman could have a shout aswell as Hoffman, Newmans all charisma and salad dressing as you've correctly pointed out. I think a new poll of your top 5 modern day actors would be intersting even if only to confirm that we de generation X'rs have been shafted regularly in almost everything that the arts have thrown at us in our lifetime but i hope these prove de exceptions, hey i'm an optimist. Anyway here's mine in no particlar order.

Johnny Depp - not jst a pretty face girls
Mark Ruffalo - possibly de most underrated actor EVER
Ed Norton - no explanation necessary, surely
Jim Carrey - oh the cotroversy, but anybody who can make ya wet yourself laughin one minute á la Dumb & Dumber & turn you to a blubbering baby the next (Eternal Sunshine...) is an animal in my book.
Philip Seymour Hoffman- makes Along Came Polly tolerable, beat that!

throw em all out there guys and by the way Sarah i think you should swap the ratings for Deer Hunter (soooooo maaaannnnnyyyy traaaaaacccckkkkiiiinnnngggg shoooootttts that go oooooonnn & ooooooonnnn & ooonnn) even though the casts deadly, with Millers Crossing (its all tongue in cheek really, almost a spoof on the genre when ya watch it again & looks beautiful) or at least i would but as for Last Samuri its a crime on the senses really and should be melted for parts.

Sarah Peace said...

All comments welcome, except for silly ones like Conor - come on, man! How can you really esteem someone like Tom Cruise and how can you NOT die a little inside everytime he pulls his 'you complete me' face for EVERY bloody emotion he is supposed to show!!???

The Last Samurai is crap. There can be no other opinion - though I would gladly welcome any attempts you might have at offering a coherent or plausible defense of this tosh!!

Ciaran, I know you feel like me about Empire - but why do we compulsively keep buying it?? Is it because I've every issue since I was 15??? Can't stop now, you know.........