Saturday, October 13, 2007

Still in Rosario...

Well, the best laid plans of mice and men, eh?! We're still in Rosario, in this shitty hostel. Yeah, it's good fun, and it's all very relaxed, blah blah blah, but that still doesn't remove the fact that I have to walk down stairs, through the main hallway, through a sitting room that - no matter what time of night or day - is full of drinking/whatever people, through the kitchen, and into a room with no locks on ANY doors (even the ENTRANCE door) to use the toilet. Also, the showers are in there, with a little plastic sheet all that's saving you from the outside world. Nope, not my cuppa! So, as a result of this situation, I have only had one shower - yesterday - and will wait until tomorrow, when we get to a hopefully better hostel in Cordoba, before I have another one!!

We were meant to leave for Cordoba today, but procrastination meant that all the hostels were booked up, so we had to haul ass to the bus station today and exhange our tickets for tomorrow, then come back and convince Baldy (the guy who runs this place) to let us stay another night. Thankfully, he has been won over by our Irish charm and ability to drink, so he's happy to do it. Of course, I include myself in that little ditty, but I'm a bit of a get-to-be-early girl, so I have actually only spent one night in their company. Most of them are alright....he seems to have all his friends here EVERY night...but there's a couple of lads that give me the willies. But, I don't like heading back to the room alone, because it's ages away from everywhere else in the hostel (it's the only upstairs room), and the door has no locks. The room can be accessed from two roof terraces - one of which can be accessed from the back garden. So, basically, the lack of security and locks on doors is what's making me crazy here. I can live with the fleas in the bed, and the unclean sheets, and even the lack of showering (who knew I could cope with such deprivation?), but feeling like I can't go to sleep alone in the room is a definite shaker!!

Anyway, Oktoberfest - the big beer festival in Germany - has it's twin in a town just below Cordoba, so we'll have some fun there before heading out to Iguazu on Monday. We met an Irish couple - Rob and Fiona - here the last few nights, and they went to Cordoba today, so we'll see them there tomorrow night for a few bevvies. Also, an Aussie guy travelling alone has tagged along with them, and has made himself our 'brother', so we're meeting him too. He's a cool guy - Chris (we call him Chris Meth), but a little bit hyper-hippie. Good laugh, though!

McMunn and Bones are really flying the flag downstairs! The lads love them - McMunn thinks he's fluent in Spanish when he gets drunk, so they think he's a legend! Him and Bones are exchanging words with them, and learning all the 'street' lingo en espanol! Also, McMunn swapped a tshirt....all in the name of international relations!!

Cordoba next. Glad to leave Cool Raul hostel in Rosario - hope the next place has locks on the door (we can dream, eh?!?).....

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