Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Hola Chicas - Rosario Boya!

Well, I´ve landed safely in the beautiful (actually don´t know if it´s beautiful yet...) town of Rosario. We had a bit of a rush to get the bus this morning in Buenos Aires. Saw the dodgy part of Buenos Aires down by the bus station (just chatting to some Irish people here in the hostel in Rosario, and they got robbed there before they left, so we had a lucky get-outta-there methinks). But the bus journey - despite the bus being an hour late - was surprisingly luxurious, and they even gave us a little packed lunch. Boya, indeed!

After the four-hour journey, we´re settled here in our stinky little hostel, with no locks on the doors, but everyone is really ´relaxed´, so apparatly this is supposed to be OK (I´ll be the judge of that, eh?)

Finding it hard to adjust to the VERY relaxed and easy-going (read ´slow-paced) pace of life in South America. Sometimes I´d give anything for a bit of get-out-of-my-way attitude. But I´m sure I´ll stop caring so much about time fairly soon - what with the concept of ´time´being fairly arbitray over here!

Anyway, we´re all together in another six-bed dorm, but this one is WAY more squashed, and I can feel the mossies descending already. So things could get sticky later......

Signing off, South America style - hasta luego, chicas!

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