Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Last full month in Ireland (for a while)

Feels weird – knowing that this is the last full month I’ll spend in Ireland until summer of next year. You forget how much you actually LOVE your country and your life until you think you might have to leave it…

Some of the things I’m gonna miss the most when I’m away:

1. My family (especially the beautiful nieces & nephews)
2. My new puppy (pictured above)
3. Friends
4. Toast and Ray’s boiled eggs for brekkie
5. Cereal at 9 at night while watching crappy telly
6. Lying on a couch watching telly
7. Trips to the cinema
8. Walking around the Wicklow Hills (although the Andes might be a nice replacement)
9. Reading in the sunshine
10. Sitting in front of the fire watching DVD’s
11. The toll bridge (just kidding)

Luckily, the ‘thing’ I would miss the most is actually coming with me – Alan!

Electric Picnic was brilliant! I didn’t get to see absolutely everyone I had planned on seeing, but the main ones were fantastic. Beastie Boys rocked the Kasbo, and the Chemical Brothers did their usual fandango. The main joy was having a quieter camsite this year, mwah mwah...

Bjork was my stand-out ladeee, of course, and I’m bloody delighted to have seen her! I'm glad not to have to face into another day of port-a-loos, though...those things are NASTY.
Here’s Kelly ruining a perfectly good romantic photo at Bjork...he's just jealous (of me, I'd say - look at my gorgeous boyfriend, for God's sake!!)

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