Tuesday, February 22, 2005

To Mr. Pwice

He’s not gonna thank me for this, but it has to be done…………

I love Alan because:

1. …he sets the alarm for fifteen minutes before I ACTUALLY have to get up because he knows I need to hit snooze loads before I can move

2. …he knows that when I am really flipping crazy in the morning it’s just because I bloody HATE mornings, and not because I’m a psycho

3. …he lights the fire for me all the time coz I’m freezing, and then doesn’t mind when I fall asleep coz I get TOO hot

4. …he makes me food whenever I want it, which is very important for my hyperglycaemia

5. …he pretends not to believe that I have hyperglycaemia and tells me it’s just an excuse for eating chocolate – funny monkey

6. …he sometimes mess-fights me in a way that borders on serious – especially when he tries to gouge my eye out, or twist my wrist

7. …he makes me laugh ALL the time – and even when he’s not with me, I’m laughing or just smiling thinking about things he has said or done

8. …he makes me feel yummy (and that’s all I’m going to say on that matter)

9. …he doesn’t object to me eating two or three dinners in a row, and finds it endearing that I eat so much – or at least SAYS he does (which amounts to the same thing)

10. …when I’m too drunk, he puts me on the couch and lets me watch telly while he walks up the road and gets us a Chinese (take-away, not person)

I could go on with many, many, many more reasons, but I won’t! Suffice to say that I wake up with a smile (mostly) every morning, and am happy when I fall asleep every night…………and Alan has at least SOMETHING to do with it!!

A little dedication for the man I love – too late for Valentines Day, and too early for any kind of ‘anniversary’ type thing, but just because that’s the way I’m feeling today!!

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