Friday, February 01, 2008

The hottest spot north of Havana....

Yes, it´s the Copa...Copacabana, and it´s gorgeous here! Lake Titicaca is absolutely fabulous. Myself, Alan and Bones left La Paz for here on Sunday, taking the early bus, and part of the journey included getting onto a boat and our bus getting onto barge to take us out to the area Copacabana is in. Very cool! So, we got an alright hostel with a telly in our room, which is always nice, and there were huge thunder and lightening storms over the lakes our first few days, but we didn´t mind. We spent a lot of time strolling around this lovely little town, and exploring the gorgeous cathederals and markets. On Wednesday, myself and Alan took the two-hour boat journey to Isla del Sol, and explored the ruins an hours walk from the harbour. The ruins of the sun temple are visible - since the Incas believed that the sun began on this island - and we also explored a labyrinth overlooking the bay. Afterwards, we walked the three-hour length of the island - which was pretty tough, with the high altitude and the sun burning down, but well worth it for the beautiful views and the lovely conversation with Al! At the end of the island, we walked down the Inca steps to the harbour and sat on the roof of the boat on the way home, so we got great views of Copacabana coming closer. We also hiked a hill next to the town with Bones, it has stations of the cross all the way up, and at the very top a big group of religous statues and enclaves where people were grouped around lighting candles and saying prayers. That, coupled with the beautiful lake all around us, was definitely a religious experience!

We´re of to Puno today, on the other side of the lake - the Peruvian side, and we´re hoping that the Carnaval celebrations are up to scratch over there. Should be fun!

Anyway, here´s a little something I wrote while in La Paz, looking at the most amazing lightening storm I´ve ever seen...

Thunder Storm, La Paz

So high into the clouds
and a storm is upon us
before we have time to see it.
Thunder rolls overhead,
with the unerring sense of control
only such acts of God
can hold.
Power to shake you,
still you,
but most of all remind you
of our tenuous hold
on these hills,
streams and lakes.
Bass booms, walls shake,
and the sky thunders its power,
its control,
showing that sometimes-latent expression
of natures constant standing.

And we?
We fear the sound!
The rumble in our stomach
that bangs across the night sky.
And then the light!
The forks of piercing light
(white? blue?)
jagged against the dull roar,
fading our city to nothing.

What brightness
do we call these,
bulbs and neon and falsehood!
Here is colour!
Here is sound!
Here is light!
25 January 2008

Well, onwards to Peru it is then.....

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