Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Yet again, Liverpool storm Anfield and power their way through to another Champions League Final.

But the doubters still say nay - that Liverpool are a 'lucky' club, and have got through by the skin of their teeth, and that they have no chance in the final.

What else do we have to do to prove ourselves? We beat Barcelona and Chelsea in this campaign - arguably two of the strongest teams in football at the moment - to take us to the final, yet Liverpool fans still have to listen to the neverending stream of bullshit that comes from other supporters. Yes, we're inconsistent. Yes, we sometimes fall to 'easy' teams. But reaching the Champions League final twice in three years, as well as winning an F.A. Cup in between, is not the mark of a good team - it's the mark of a GREAT team!!

What a match, what a team.....and what a confirmation of greatness. Come on Liverpool!!

Terry cries again!!

And Jose was no's a little sampling of some of his comments post-match:

From Chelsea FC website - 'What we speak now is for today and tomorrow and in a couple of years, nobody remembers. Chelsea was the better team and should have won the first-leg by two or three-nil, Chelsea was the best team tonight and Chelsea was the best team in extra-time.'

'It is difficult but we are strong characters and that is the reason why we arrive in such a situation.'

'We believe always there is a next chance and there is another year. I think we deserve to be in a final.'

From BBC website - "It is a moment when everybody has to be strong, my players have a lot of reasons to be proud. "

"We were the best team today, even against a team only playing for the Champions League."

"In extra-time we were the only team who tried to win, but football is like that and the penalty shoot-out is part of the game. My players did a great run in the Champions League."

"I respected Liverpool always in my words. I don't need to say more and today I think the best team was Chelsea."

And Benitez was his usual magnanimous self, praising both his team and his opponents, whilst showing that Liverpool were the best team on the night:

From BBC website - "We had confidence because our players practice in every training session.

"Pepe Reina is a player who is always good with penalties."

"Every player and every supporter deserves the win - the atmosphere was amazing."

From Liverpool FC website - "Maybe it was better than when we beat Chelsea in 2005 and I am really, really proud of my players, Chelsea are a very good side with some good players and at times it was difficult to control them. They had a lot of free-kicks but we defended really well and worked so hard all through the game."

"Our supporters were fantastic and the atmosphere was amazing and we are going to enjoy this victory."

"Pepe Reina was fantastic in the penalty shoot-out and he is an expert when it comes to that."

"This is a really important victory for the club and for the future."

Steven Gerrard was overjoyed after guiding his side to their second Champions League final in three years:
"The first time round was special but to do it again after being a goal down to a magnificent team like Chelsea is unbelievable," he said. "Together we achieved it.

"The atmosphere helped, the manager's tactics, everything was spot on. But we crossed the line and we stuck together.

"We have the best goalkeeper in the world. But all credit to Chelsea."

Kuyt, who scored the crucial penalty, added: "It was very special for me - it will be my first final in my first year at Liverpool. We just believed in it. Pepe Reina was fabulous."

And the final word must go to the man with the golden finger who, like Midas before him, is quickly finding out that money does not a winner make!!


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