Thursday, July 20, 2006

Update from Peru

An email from Carolyne letting us know what was done with the money we raised whilst in Peru...

Just wanted to drop you a line to update you on the money your group raised in Peru.

As you know we bought paint for the school buildings at Soqma, new sandals for the kids at Corimarca, English language CDs and book for Wilbur, and furniture for a school in the jungle.

I attach photos of the new sandals and furniture. (See new bebo photo album)

The furniture took longer than expected to make, so wasn't taken to the community by Mendel. So, we bought a disposable camera and left it in the capable hands of a Manu Ecoadventuras (the jungle company he works for).

The trip left shortly before Mendel came over to the UK so we havent got the instant camera back yet.

Mendel and I are going back to Peru on holiday in October so I shall get hold of and develop the images on the camera and also get up to Socqma to get some snaps of the painted buildings...

As you know the left over cash we planned to give to the orphanage in the Sacred Valley. This will happen when I go back in October.


Enjoy the photos!

Carolyne x

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