Thursday, January 13, 2005

Christmas is dead...long live Christmas!

Christmas is dead for another year…or, as Alan says, ‘It’s all over until next October’! Clever man, that one! It went well – as you can see from Alan’s blog, my sister had a baby boy, so that was very nice! We had a white Christmas, too (literally just Christmas – the snow was almost gone the next day), which made my selection box taste all the sweeter! Christmas dinner was everything it should be and much, much, much more…and Santa-fever was well instilled by all my various nieces and nephews.

St. Stephen’s night was excellent, with some extreme boink-fun had by all at McMad-Out-Of-It’s gafferooonnneeeeyyy, and fairly serous bonding was achieved. The early hours of the morning rang in with festive cheer, and Alan and myself sauntered home happy campers!

New Year’s Eve found us heading to Dundalk – I drove – with two Byrnes in the back, fighting like wee kinder…I got mild panic when I felt the urge to do the old ‘slap-the-legs-between-the-seat’ Mammy manoeuvre, and had to remind myself that they weren’t my children!! However, we arrived in good time and had a ball in the house, followed by a smaller ball in the pub, followed by a much larger and fun-filled ball back in the houses. We sang, we laughed, we drank, we splurged – such merriment and happiness! More bonding was allowed as I got locked in Bones’ eye line and was drawn in to a sometimes hard-to-follow and mostly one-way conversation. An example of a comment from Del Boner would be ‘Car…tree…heaven…friendship….youknowwhatImean?!?’. To which I would, of course, reply ‘Yes, my friend, I truly DO know what you mean’.

Next morning found us driving homeward-bound amid flying debris and downed trees in what was later discovered to be a mini-TORNADO (the word ‘mini’ escaped our mass-hysteric population, and instead we are now at the mercy of freak weather systems), to a fabulous dinner cooked by Mater, which was most enjoyable after a night of VERY little sleep.

Since then I have returned to work, Kelly has returned to Ireland, and Sarah is soon to join us. Things are balancing back to post-Christmas sameness and all will soon be status quo again.

A word on my car – I have managed to put 2500 miles on it in the past three and a half weeks, so I love it, and it loves me! My crazy little feasty! Also, I am discovering - to my OWN surprise - that Neil Young is my favourite driving music except for when I am stuck in traffic. In this instance, Zepellin Four is my distraction of choice. Funny how things work out.

In closing, I have confirmation from Alan that when I woke up yesterday morning, I rolled over and sleepily said:

“How come you never hear somebody say ‘Hello, my name is Colin and I work in the accounts department of the Starship Enterprise’?”



al said...

whos this colin
what are you on about
your starting to make as much sence as bones

Sarah Peace said...

Don't act as though you don't think it's really cute and adorable when I come out with really strange things when I'm sleepy! You know you love it!!!