Monday, September 27, 2004

Breaking rocks in the hot sun

Ok…to update! I called the Square and braced myself to be really angry – then asked to be put through to security (growl). The girl that answered was friendly enough, until I queried how many times an hour the security was supposed to patrol the car parks.

Girl: Who are you?
Míse: I’m someone who had my car broken into last night.
(Slightly enraged voice!)

So, then she decided that she couldn’t answer my questions and told me a manager would call me back…which he did! An absolutely lovely man – but hey, I thought the Garda in Tallaght was lovely, and it turns out he didn’t know his stuff at all (the plot thickens) – the security firm that Mr. Garda said were giving the nod to the local THIEVES were fired two weeks ago, and the new firm have some pretty fancy credentials, let me tell you! (God bless the Internet – I checked them out thoroughly!) Anyway, the upshot of my angry conversation with Mr. Manager is that he is aware of a thieving ring that have been targeting Hyundai jeeps and Honda cars for their radios in the car parks of The Square, Liffey Valley and Blanchardstown. They are doing all they can, but that – I’m afraid – didn’t stop me from giving out yards to him. After all, I waited for the Gardaí for 30-40 minutes in the car park, and saw not one security patrol in that time. He stated that this was because of two cars being stolen on the other side of the centre. I then pointed out how badly lit the whole area is, to which he argued that he has been in meetings with the management of the centre to get that changed. Fat lot of good that does me now! I also asked about the cameras – i.e., is only one camera monitored at a time, as per Mr. Oh-so-helpful-Garda, which was denied outright by Mr. Manager. So, anyway, he’s pulling the CCTV footage of the car park to see can he find anything for me. Turns out the Gardaí hadn’t even come across there Friday to check the footage – Mr. Manager says they seem to think it’s a waste of time following up these cases. Not good enough, Garda Force – this robbery will not stand!

Next stop Tallaght Garda Station!!!

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